GEP Admissions Consultation

GEP Academies is the admissions authority for the following GEP schools:

Boxgrove Primary School

Fullbrook School

George Abbot School

Guildford Grove Primary School

Kings College Guildford

Loseley Fields Primary School

Sandfield Primary School


Please be advised that having considered all the comments received regarding the changes to the admissions criteria for the GEP schools listed above, the following determinations have been made:

Priority 2

Incorporation of the following statement in to Priority 2 – “children who were previously in state care outside of England, and have ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted may be considered under this criterion” has been agreed and will take effect from 2020.

Priority 4

“Children of all GEP staff” has not been agreed and this priority has been amended to children of staff who have been working at the school for two or more years.

Loseley Fields

The reduction of PAN at Loseley Fields for entry to year 3 has been reduced to O.


All comments were taken into consideration and discussed at board level.  The decisions were made in the best interests of all the schools concerned.

Yours faithfully

Chris Tweedale

CEO, GEP Academies


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