Chris is a Chartered Accountant with a wide range of experience in senior financial and operational management positions in major banks and financial service operations, including leadership roles within an International Financial Organisation (IFI).  He was closely involved in the creation, development and management of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a strategically important IFI, which combines a private sector business approach with multi-national public sector ownership.  His roles and responsibilities at EBRD  included those of Controller, Head of Operations & IT, Acting Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Budget and Financial Policies and Managing Director of IT & Administrative Services.   Since leaving EBRD, Chris has formed his own consultancy firm, Britoak Services Ltd, providing services and support to independent clients as well as to Second Sight Support Services, an organisation specialising in Investigations, Fraud & Loss Management and Organisational Change.   He has worked closely with top level senior management as well as the Audit and Budget Committees of Boards of Directors with in-depth management experience, focussed on a range of critical and sensitive issues including, in particular, areas relating to organisational change and relevant areas of corporate governance, risk management, business continuity, as well as having strong project management oversight expertise.